Speed Limits

Please, obey all speed limits! The RCMP on Vancouver Island are excellent at keeping speeders off the road. We definitely suggest avoiding a run-in with them. If you're from The States, remember that our limits are posted in kilometers, not miles. 

If you are heading onto well-groomed, unpaved roads, there are no posted speed limits. Therefore, we'd appreciate if you could keep your speed down to less than 20km/h. Gravel roads can have tons of surprises and your GoCamper is definitely not an offroading vehicle.

Types of Roads

Highways: The main highway heading North to South on Vancouver Island is mostly a four lane road with lots of traffic. 

Roads: The roads on Vancouver Island are tight, windy, and sometimes treacherous. They can be slippery, weather can change quickly, and local drivers can be over-confident. Be careful and keep to the recommended speeds. 

Dirt Roads/Unpaved Roads: We understand that some places on Vancouver Island need to be accessed by dirt road. However, we do not allow driving on rough dirt roads, or off-roading. This sort of driving will forfeit your damage deposit.

Driveways: Please don't park in these. Or in front of them. Unless you know the people who own the driveway.



Passing Lanes: Some of the roads on Vancouver Island are too narrow for passing lanes. Instead, there are pull out lanes. If you have traffic behind you (in a van, this is a good thing), pull over and let others pass. If you don't, you'll see some incredibly dangerous driving!

Keep your eyes out for parking restrictions. They are all over the island and most cities and towns are relatively aggressive with their parking tickets. You'll also find lots of hungry tow trucks waiting to take your van away. Keep your eyes peeled and double check where you leave your van for the day, or night.


Be prepared for weather changes. Heavy fog, rain, snow, and ice can all pop up without warning. In extreme weather conditions, pull over and wait until the conditions change. We promise they will. It's Vancouver Island.