Cabins on Wheels/How to Become an Entrepreneur

Vancouver Island is a pretty neat place.

The culture is fun. The people are relaxed, and fresh seafood is everywhere. Plus, we have the perk of living on the edge of the wild.

However, escaping into the wilderness takes gear. Tents, sleeping bags, chairs, backpacks, cooking sets, etc... Unless you are going to a cabin. Cabins make an outdoor getaway so much more cozy and so much more accessible... disregarding the cost of buying and maintaining a cabin of course. Especially on Vancouver Island. This is a problem when you are an adventerous twenty-something. We lack the funds.

It was with that thought that GoCampers was born. The dream was to build our our getaway cabins on wheels, but we didn't want to build simple vans to sleep in overnight. We wanted quality. The style of DIY conversion vans with the touch and expertise of a professional carpenter. But how do you get those two things together? 

We decided to figure out how to share (rent?) our vans. Perhaps, with enough interest, we could build high quality camper vans and still find some time to take them out ourselves. This quickly became our goal and overnight, we became entrepreneurs. 

To pay for the party we wrote a business plan. We designed logos. We built this website. And we designed vans. With a little financial help from a program called "Futurepreneur" we were off to the races!

We'll be posting our progress here. My hope is to share our experiences, triumphs, and failures, as we build our first campervan and our first business.

The photo below is us. It's years ago, but we don't often pose for photos together these days. 

Too busy building vans.