Frequently Asked Questions


Why Should I rent a GoCamper?

That is a fantastic question! We've built our campervans to be best suited for getting around and camping on Vancouver Island. The vans are easy to drive and park, they don't require RV hookups or specific RV campsites, and are easier on your wallet at the gas station. You'll still enjoy the convenience of a full-sized RV while retaining the experience of making your camp and “tenting’ for the night. You'll also love the flexibility and mobility a smaller campervan can provide. A GoCamper is truly the best of both worlds. 


What is included with my gocamper?

We've packed a lot into our GoCampers. For a the full list check out "The Campers"


WHen can I pick up the van and when must I drop it off?

The van is yours starting at 9AM on the day of your booking. Just let us know when you are arriving and we will make sure to meet you with your GoCamper and send you on your way. The van is due back by 5pm on the last day of your booking. Your rental period is decided by the number of days booked.

Where do we pick-up our GoCamper?

Our vans are located at our shop next to Victoria International Airport and only a few minutes from the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal. All pickups will be at our shop and via appointment only. We’ll contact you about a week before your booking to arrange a time that best suits you. Google Maps Location. The easiest way to our shop is via Taxi: Around 6mins from Victoria International Airport & 7mins from Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal.


where can i find information to help plan my vancouver island adventure?

We've gathered up as many resources as we could about Vancouver Island and built it into our website. Head to the Vancouver Island section of our website and find a wealth of information to help you plan your adventure.


How do I get to Vancouver Island?

Getting to Vancouver Island is easy! The simplest way to arrive would be to fly into Victoria International Airport. If you are on foot, then you will be taking one of the many Vancouver Island Ferries. BC Ferries has many routes servicing the island with the Tsawwassen - Swartz bay route arriving in Sidney, about a 7 minute drive from our shop.


Can I leave vancouver island with my gocamper?

At the moment our vans are to stay on Vancouver Island. Our vans are uninsured off of the Island.

We brought a lot of luggage with us. is there a place we can store some items while we’re exploring the island?

Of course. We have large shop space and can store your extra bags for you. No charge.


What is included in the Daily-rate?

Freedom. The GoCamper and all of it's contents come with unlimited kilometers to get all around the island at no extra charge! 22 litres of fresh water, duvet and pillow set, propane. (Note: Awesome road trip soundtrack not included, please bring your own.)


Can I bring my dog?

Yes, we accept all well behaved dogs! We are happy to host your pet, we just ask you let us know you will be bringing them along. You can expect a small increase in your damage deposit and a $50 fee for the extra cleaning the van will need!


What age do I have to be to rent a GoCamper?

The minimum age to rent a GoCamper is 23 years old.



Our rates vary slightly by season. However, they include the needed insurance, kilometers, and basic equipment rentals at no extra charge. Please check our bookings page for our current rates. 


How many people can we fit into a GOCAMPER?

Two adults. Our GoCampers can safely transport and sleep two at a time. Please don't try to sneak a third, fourth or fifth person into your GoCamper as there are no seat belts for them. It's unsafe and a violation of our terms and conditions.


Is there a minimum rental period? 

The minimum rental period is 5 nights during the high season (May to September). Off season rentals can be negotiated for shorter terms. However, we recommend a minimum of three days to ensure you have enough time to explore and enjoy Vancouver Island.


Can we extend our rental while we are on the road?

We book up fast! However, sometimes your GoCamper will be available for an extra few days. Just give us a call and we'll let you know.


What do we do if we get a flat tire? 

Call us. We'll work with you to find the best solution to get you back on the road. All our vehicles have Roadside Assistance, they’ll apply come get you as long as you are on a paved road.


Can we park and sleep anywhere?

You'll see "NO CAMPING" and "NO OVERNIGHT PARKING" across the island. These signs are in the obvious "do not camp here" spots. For example: waterfronts and public parks - you will get a ticket if you are caught camping in these areas. BUT here's the good news: there are over a hundred full facility campgrounds on the island and around 1,100 recreational campsites. If you like to plan ahead, make a Parks Canada campground reservation or a BC Parks campground reservation. And for some very detailed information about where to stop head to 


How long is the campervan? Do I need to make special campground reservations? 

Our vehicles are converted Chevrolet Expresses measuring in at approximately 18 feet long so special RV sites aren't necessary. Also, our vehicles are equipped with a secondary battery system. We generate extra power from the vehicles' alternator. No need for plug-ins or RV hookups. 


Do you need to see a driver's LICENse?

Of course! We’ll need to see a Full Driver's License from your issuing country. Please present it with a valid passport at the time of pick-up. The license must be a full license from the issuing country. These documents are very important. We cannot let you drive our vehicles without them.


What should I expect when I come to pick-up the GoCamper?

You will need a few things to make picking up your GoCamper smooth and quick. 

1. Credit Card 2. Drivers License. 3. Passport. 

We'll need you to fill in some details about yourself and sign our rental agreement. We will also swipe a credit card and arrange insurance for your trip.


What insurance options are available? 

Our rates include basic insurance for your GoCamper. However, we do encourage you to look into your own insurance to make sure everybody is secure!

What is you cancellation policy?

If you cancel more than 30 days before before your reservation, your deposit is refundable. 

If you cancel between 30 and 7 days before your reservation, your deposit can be put towards a future trip within 6 months but is not refundable. 

If you cancel less than 7 days before your reservation, 50% of the cancelled rental days are due


Where are you based an what time are you open?

We are based just next to Victoria International Airport (YYJ) in Sidney, BC and we are open by appointment. That means when you make a booking you can arrange a time that suits your schedule and we'll be there to meet you. We are also very close to the Swartz Bay Ferry terminal.


Are the any hidden fees or taxes? 

Hidden fees, no! Taxes are the standard 12% GST+PST which you should expect to pay on almost everything in British Columbia.


Can we take our sweet GoCamper off-roading?

We know that some of the trail heads and must see sights require using some improved dirt logging roads which is okay. But serious off-roading and wandering blindly into the wilderness ain't cool. Off-roading and negligent damage will be considered the driver's financial responsibility. 


What happens if the vehicle has a mechanical problem?

We keep the GoCampers regularly maintained at a local workshop on a preventive maintenance schedule. Mechanical issues can occur on any vehicle, new or old. If something does happen, a lovely roadside technician will make their way out to help you. However, mechanical issues related to neglect, dangerous driving, or driving under the influence will not be covered and are the responsibility of the renter. This is covered in our Rental Agreement.  


Do we need to clean and fuel the GoCamper before returning it? 

Yes, the GoCamper will be delivered with a full tank of fuel so we need it back with a full tank of fuel. It will also be delivered spick and span. We expect the GoCamper back in a similar condition that you found it in. This also allows you the chance to make sure you have packed up all your belongings and checked for any damage to the vehicle. 

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